Every year, over 27 million people are forced to flee their homes because of persecution and conflict or a very present fear of it. Most of these people will spend the remainder of their lives in refugee camps around the world without the hope of ever returning back to their homes. In the past, the U.S. has invites up to 70,000 of these refugees to make a home and seek a new life here through a process called resettlement. Today, we are serving many refugees who arrived in recent years by helping with immigrant integration including naturalization services, self-employment mentoring, and family unification.

At World Relief in SoCal, we consider the refugees in our community some of the most valuable members of society, contributors to the civic and economic fabric and they are our friends. We work to meet their need by providing compassionate and holistic care from the moment they arrive at the airport through their journey to self-sufficiency. We provide vital services that include but are not limited to preparing their new home with furniture and basic household items, arranging medical visits, assisting in the acquisition of refugee benefits, enrolling in ESL classes, providing a thorough orientation to life in America, and providing job skill and employment services. Additionally, we are able to provide legal service for asylum seekers limited to the resources available. Churches and individual volunteers have provide similar services to those seeking asylum here.

We hope to engage refugees and asylum seekers with the local Church by connecting  families to American friends through our volunteer services. Our volunteers are a vital component of the integration process as they provide ongoing cultural orientation to America, legal services, but most importantly, friendship. If you are interested in learning about how to become a volunteer with a family, click here.