Interning and Volunteering Opportunities  

Maneuvering through the United States immigration system is a complicated and long-term process. People often jump through a number of legal hoops to ensure they obtain and maintain their legal status here in the United States, reunite with family members, and gain access to economic and educational opportunities. World Relief Southern California offers legal support to immigrant families to help them through this process.

As followers of Jesus, the World Relief Southern California team unites families, educates the community, and advocates for just laws and the dignified treatment of immigrants.

Find your place in this story through one of our opportunities:

  • Community Engagement: Connecting to key players in the community, this is a fast-paced, hands-on, field-centric role. Community engagement interns work alongside the outreach team in making our services accessible to those most impacted by our ever-changing immigration laws. Activities include: recruiting families and connecting them to our services, representing World Relief at community events, helping plan and promote World Relief education events, and educating the community on the changing landscape of immigration.

  • Legal Assistance: Work alongside our legal team to help clients obtain documents from schools and organizations that may be used as legal evidence in their case, research materials for evidence, participate in legal clinics, and, if qualified, interpret and translate for clients.

  • Media and Marketing Management: In an age where visual communication is crucial, creative media management interns will help us get our message across to those who most need to hear it. Activities include maintaining World Relief’s social media image and presence through designing posts, website updates, and newsletter management.

Training is provided for all positions. Our team also offers mentoring relationships and professional development opportunities.

We are currently looking for someone who speaks English and AND Spanish.

Interns/Volunteers typically contribute 5 to 20 hours per week.

Steps to Become an Intern/Volunteer

Step 1 – Application 

Fill out an application online

Step 2 - Interview

Once a potential intern has completed all the paperwork, an interview will be conducted to determine the best assignment.

Step 3 – Background Check 

Prior to receiving an assignment, all volunteers must complete a background check. We will email you the link after the interview and assignment. 

Step 4 – Assignment 


Volunteer E-Learning Resources

If you have any questions, email us at or give us a call at 714/210-4730 ext. 109, Monday - Thursday, 9 AM - 5 PM.