Together, we’re creating change that lasts.

Today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

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At World Relief Southern California, we’re serious about giving you the opportunity to make real and lasting change in our world. We know how discouraging it can be to feel like no matter what you do, or where you give, it’s simply not enough. And we understand how frustrating it is to give without seeing, or even understanding, the impact of your investment. 

We want to show you there’s another way — a way that creates lasting change for millions of vulnerable families and communities right here in the U.S., as well as across the globe.

For over 40 years, we’ve been privileged to welcome and help integrate over 250,000 refugees and other immigrants to communities all across the U.S.  And we’ve seen individuals, families and communities enriched and blessed by this transformative work. 


With your help, we can continue creating long-term solutions for the healthy integration of our immigrant neighbor, building communities of love and welcome and creating change that lasts for generations.


Here’s how we do it. 


We provide services.

We help immigrant families integrate into American society by providing legal services, ESL courses and tutoring, employment services and counseling.

We build welcoming communities.

We educate, influence, and advocate. We create communities of welcome by informing views and changing hearts and minds. We provide information to churches and communities across the country so they can reason together to find common ground and speak passionately and accurately into the difficult subject of immigration in the U.S.

We catalyze relationships.

We bring people together. We connect churches and community members with immigrant families to foster mutually transformative relationships. Through these friendships, both new and long-term community members flourish and find a sense of unity, belonging and peace. 



In a time of fear and division in our nation, we need you on our team more than ever before. When you give, you’ll transform the lives of thousands of refugees and other immigrants here in the U.S.


Here are some of the ways you can invest in lasting change.


$65 // Sponsor a week of English classes for a refugee or other immigrant in the U.S.
$80 // Supply a welcome kit containing household items for a newly arrived family. 
$110 // Provide an hour of legal advice to a newly arrived refugee or other immigrant.
$200 // Sponsor a refugee or other immigrant while they obtain their Green Card.



Stop doubting your impact and invest in change that lasts today. You can make a difference. We can’t do it without you.



Your giving ensures sustainability to our work in the greater Southern California area. Contributions will be used for the purpose specified. If in the judgment of World Relief such purpose becomes impossible, impractical, unnecessary, or undesirable, World Relief will use contributions for its general purposes.