World Relief Southern California has begun a border initiative to respond to the heightened influx of vulnerable families at the international border between the United States and Mexico. 

Over the past several months, staff members of World Relief Southern California have gone to Tijuana, Mexico to offer free legal consultations to families looking to gain entry into the United States to apply for asylum. They have visited shelters where women and children that are seeking asylum reside. Additionally, they have witnessed people waiting in line for "their turn" to speak with officers about entering the United States, families visiting one another through the fence at the border, and have heard the many different life stories of these asylum seekers and what has brought them to the border.

Migrant Journey || Jornada Migrante

Border Visit for Pastors and Church Leaders


On December 3rd World Relief plans to go with partner churches to show that the church really does stand with the vulnerable. There our staff will be providing legal services to vulnerable migrants at the border, nearly 2,000 people from several countries are waiting at the border today in search of a better life, seeking asylum or another form of immigration into the United States or trying to make a better life in Mexico.

An Introduction


Migration connects us with the world. At the international border between Mexico and the United States stands the crossroads between hope and despair, violence and peace, a new life and the old.  The border is a porous membrane between two worlds. It is a space that both separates and joins two countries. This is the busiest international border crossing in our hemisphere with 189,000 border crossings every day including pedestrians, cars, and trucks. San Diego and Tijuana make up a single economic region that includes manufacturing, engineering, and shared ownership for medical devices and electronics. There is a vibrant exchange of culture and social elements that provide residents and tourists a rich experience of life. Families straddle the border with relatives on both sides weaving a new cultural, economic, and social fabric.


There are many factors pushing and pulling at the border. Politics, economics, and violence in Mexico, Central America and other sending countries push as much as safety and the need for labor pulls migrants to the United States.


World Relief has found an opportunity to serve during this time of turmoil and uncertainty at the border. By joining us on this Vision Trip, you will see the direct impact of the work of World Relief’s legal professionals and hear stories of migrants themselves. This is an opportunity for the church to be moved with compassion and rise to a new level of ministry and service with immigrants to the United States. Connecting what we see in the news and what we see on the ground at the border and in our own communities will help us understand the importance of the work of World Relief and the opportunity for the church to serve.